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Vorash State
Location information

Humankind Empire of Abh


Territory of Count Vorash


hundreds of millions

population composition:

Landers, Abh

local language:

Barohn, native languages

Planar Space

The Vorash Earldom or County is a territory of the Humankind Empire of Abh located in the 12th sord ring close to the territory of the Federation of Hania and the United Mankind. The Vorash sord falls between the Keish193 and Hyde sords in the ring and was the location of Gosroth before the fateful Battle of Goslauth.


Vorash Earldom features one inhabited planet, Delktoe, with a large spaceport and the nearby sord is within the life zone of the system. There are likely more planets within the system providing the earldom with hydrogen and metal resources.


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