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Paryunu System
Location information

Humankind Empire of Abh


Territory of Viscountess Paryunu



population composition:


local language:


Planar Space

The Paryunu Viscounty or viscountdom is the Territory of Count(ess) Paryunu which in Barohn means 'Roses' and as such the territory would be known as the 'nation of Roses'. The territory is located within the eight kingdoms of the Abh Empire but is presently uninhabited.


The Paryunu star system was discovered by a notorious Abh explorer who liked to name the systems he discovered after flowers such as Roses, Lillies, and Camellias. It has 7 planets orbiting a yellow G-type star. According to Lafiel, with some terraforming, the second planet could be made habitable. She has also stated a desire to cover the land with roses to match the system's namesake after she retires from her duties in the Star Forces.

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