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A Partial Fleet, (Half-Fleet), (Jadbyr) is a subfleet of a fleet. It's too small to conduct full scale fleet missions of a full fleet but big enough to conduct tactical fleet missions. It's the building block for a fleet.

Humankind Empire of AbhEdit

A Partial Fleet is composed of three mission profile squadrons, three auxiliary squadrons (Escort, Strike, Support), and one command squadron. A Reconnaissance Partial Fleet is an exception to the rule and is composed of six reconnaissance squadrons, one support squadron, and one command squadron. Reconnaissance Half-fleets are by far the most powerful units.

Type of partial fleetsEdit

  • Assault partial fleet (Jadbyr Ashal)
  • Guard partial fleet (Jadbyr Methgeil)
  • Strike partial fleet (Jadbyr Vortout)
  • Recon(Scout) partial fleet (Jadbyr Usem)
  • Supply partial fleet (Jadbyr Dikporlei)

List of Star Force's Partial FleetsEdit

Trife Fleet's 7 SquadronsEdit

  • Assault partial fleet Buledef
  • Assault partial fleet Lokale
  • Assault partial fleet Kitil
  • Assault partial fleet Wakapeil
  • Strike partial fleet Bask Gumryuf
  • Recon(Scout) partial fleet Futune
  • Supply partial fleet Ashmatoush

List of Four Nations Partial FleetsEdit

United MankindEdit

Republic of Greater AlkontEdit

People's Sovereign Union of PlanetsEdit

Federation of HaniaEdit

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