Tokyopop released a manga adaptation of the novel by Aya Yoshinaga. The manga was illustrated by Toshihiro Ono and Aya Yoshinaga. Hiroyuki Morioka is also credited on the cover as the original creator.

Much like the anime series, it covers three volumes. Dubbed the first part of the Seikai Trilogy, since two other companion manga were also released, adapting Banner of the Stars and Banner of the Stars II:

  • Seikai Trilogy, Vol. 1: Crest of the Stars (ISBN: 978-1591828570)
  • Seikai Trilogy, Vol. 2: Banner of the Stars - "The Shape of Bonds" (ISBN: 978-1591828587)
  • Seikai Trilogy, Vol. 3: Banner of the Stars II - "Protecting the Precious" (ISBN: 978-1591828594)


In June 1, 2012, a remake of Crest of the Stars drawn by Kōichirō Yonemura was announced. It's published by Flex Comics (メテオCOMICS). If features significant artistic differences, but consistent with Yonemura's style. It is a full fledged version with possibly minor differences to the novels.

  • Seikai no Monshou, Vol. 1, May 11, 2013, (ISBN: 978-4593857326)
  • Seikai no Monshou, Vol. 2, May 12, 2014, (ISBN: 978-4593857784)

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