This is the list of the Emperors (Empresses) of the Humankind Empire of Abh.

From Imperial Calendar Year 1 to Year 959, there are 28 Emperors (Empresses) to reign.

Emperors (Empresses) of the Humankind Empire of Abh
Generation Name Royal Family Note
1st Dounei Not Applicable Founding Emperor
2nd Unknown Unknown
3rd Unknown Unknown
4th Unknown Unknown
5th Unknown Unknown
6th Unknown Unknown
7th Unknown Unknown
8th Unknown Unknown
9th Unknown Unknown
10th Unknown Unknown
11th Dougnaa Unknown Approval of the Abh Hell
12th Unknown Unknown
13th Unknown Unknown
14th Unknown Unknown
15th Unknown Unknown
16th Unknown Unknown
17th Unknown Unknown
18th Unknown Unknown
19th See Emperors shown in the Ex-Emperors Meeting below
26th Dugath Nei Ramuraryuraru
27th Ramaj Nei Debrusc
28th Dusanyu Nei Lamsar Current Emperor

Ex-Emperors Meeting Edit

Some of the Emperors are mentioned in the novel Crest of the Stars 3. However, their exact order is not known. Persumedly, they are the 19th to 25th Emperors.

Emperors (Empresses) with unknown generation order
Name Royal Family Note
Dusuum ' Possibly the 19th Emperor
Lamyuunyu '
Lamronyu '
Dularz '
Lamorz '
Lameimar '
Dusem '

Roughly ordered according to presumed age.

Source Edit

Laburec Library

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