The following list is a list of rank of Star Forces.

It includes English, Baronh, Kanji, Romaji and their respective equivalence to the US navy. Detailed description of the ranks is presented below the list.

The listEdit

Rank of Star Forcesin terms of flying section
English Baronh Kanji Romaji Equivalence
Flyer by His Majesty's decreeFsœtdoriac敕任翔士chokunin-shoushi – equivalent to general officer
Imperial Admiral Rüé Spainec 帝国元帥 teikoku gensui O-11
Star Forces Admiral Spainec Laburar 星界軍元帥 seikaigun gensui O-10
Grand Admiral Fofraudéc 大提督 dai-teitoku O–9
Admiral Fraudéc 提督 teitoku O–8
Rear Admiral Roïfraudéc 准提督 jun-teitoku O–7
Kilo-commander Cheüass 千翔長 senshouchou No equivalence
Flyer by memorial to the throne???奏任翔士sounin-shoushi – equivalent to field officer and company officer
Hecto-commander Bomoüas 百翔長 hyakushouchou O–6
Vice Hecto-commander Roïbomoüass 副百翔長 fuku-hyakushouchou O–5
Deca-commander Loüass 十翔長 jusshouchou O–4
Front Flyer Lecraic 前衛翔士 zen'ei-shoushi O–3
Rear Flyer Rineer 後衛翔士 kouei-shoushi O–2
Wing Flyer Fectodaic 列翼翔士 retsuyoku-shoushi O–1
Trainee FlyerBénaic lodaïrr翔士修技生shoushi-shuukisei – equivalent to officer candidate
Trainee Flyer Bénaic lodaïrr 翔士修技生 shoushi-shuukisei Officer Candidate
FollowerSach従士shousei – equivalent to non-commissioned officer and soldier
Most Senior Follower Commander /Master Chief Boalm Wesash 最先任従士長 saisenjin-shouseichou E–9
Senior Follower Commander /Senior Chief Alm Wesash 先任従士長 senjin-shouseichou E–8
Follower Commander /Leading Crewman = Chief Wesash 従士長 shouseichou E–7
First-class Follower /First-class Crewman (Sash Kasna) 一等従士 itsutou-shousei E–6
Second-class Follower /Second-class Crewman (Sash Mata) 二等従士 jitou-shousei E–5
Third-class Follower /Third-class Crewman (Sash Bina) 三等従士 santou-shousei E–4
Fourth-class Follower /Fourth-class Crewman Sash Gona 四等従士 shitou-shousei E–3
First-class Trainee Soldier /Apprentice ??? 一等錬兵 itsutou-renhei E–2
Second-class Trainee Soldier /Recruit ??? 二等錬兵 jitou-renhei E–1

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real world comparison

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