The Imperial Calendar is the calendar widely used in the Empire.


Imperial Calendar year 1 is defined as the year of the establishment of the Empire.


The reason why the Imperial Calendar is called so is because it adapts the beginning of the Empire as its standard.

The names of the months are not all known.


  • 3283 A.D. - Imperial Calender Year 1 Abh declares Independece from the mother space city and forms the Humankind Empire of Abh.
  • 4216 A.D. - Imperial Calender Year 934 Jinto Linn is born.
  • 4234 A.D. - Imperial Calender Year 952 Battle of Goslauth begins and ends with United Mankind being the Victor. Abriel Lafiel and Jinto Linn were caught in a Conspriacy.

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