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Career information Imperial gaftonosh



prior to ICY 950


prior to ICY 950



General characteristics
Class and type

Byrsh-Class Patrol Ship


antimatter water thrusters
space-time generator


10+ Officers
100+ Enlisted
Fleet HQ:
10+ Flag Officers
? Staff Officers
? Security Guards


6 Electromagnetic Cannons (2aft)
2 Antiproton Cannon
12 Mines
Numerous Laser Turrets

Crafts carried

6 Calike
6 Pelia

The Heirbyrsh is a Byrsh-Class Variant Command Cruiser of the Humankind Empire of Abh's Star Forces. She is traditionally the flagship of the Futune reconnaissance partial fleet.


As a command cruiser the Heirbyrsh received two standard command bridge sections. The Heirbyrsh also received a modified arrow head with twin antiproton cannons. Four electromagnetic cannons arranged in a x-pattern extruded behind the bridge section and aimed forward like the arms of an octopus. Two more electromagnetic cannons extruded further to the rear in between aimed rearward. A row of six mine launchers on top and bottom fill the space between the electromagnetic cannons. Numerous defensive turrets are disperse over the hull. The Heirbyrsh received a more powerful reactor and six wing-like engine pods. The ship was painted in a red color scheme.


The Heirbyrsh was one of the last Byrsh-class built. In ICY 952, the Lauth-class was schedule to replace the Byrsh-class, but due to The War the Kau-class succeded both ship classes.

In ICY 950, Rear Admiral Spoor was given command of the Futune partial fleet and boarded the Heirbyrsh.

Rear Admiral Spoor refurbished her HQ bridge with a canopied command seat similar to ancient middle-age Earth designs.

It was handcrafted with ornately engraved marble pillars. It's estimated to have cost at least three years worth of salary of a Hecto-Commander officer.

As the head of her house, Rear Admiral Spoor was allowed to display the Spoor family crest, the Golden Crow (Gatharss), instead of the ship's standard.

However, the Golden Crow was much larger than the other flags.


In ICY 952, the Heirbyrsh was deployed as flagship of the Futune Fleet as part of the Trife Fleet.

In ICY 955, the Heirbyrsh was deployed as flagship of the Futune Fleet as part of the 1st Fleet (Phantom Flame, Hunter) in Operation Phantom Flame.

In ICY 956, the Heirbyrsh was deployed as flagship of the Futune Fleet as part of the 1st Fleet (Phantom Flame, Hunter) in Operation Hunter.


Calike-I Pairriac-1
Calike Pelia

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