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Fegdakpek Greda (フェグダクペ・グレーダ), Greda was a vassal of Baron Febdash. Later, she became Count Hyde's vassal.


Greda is the reincarnation of Hannah Delhi(ハンナ・デリーズ).[1]

She was opposed to her husband Geo (ゲオ) over the child care policy of her son Vin (ヴィン). As she could lose her parental authority to her husband in a trial, she chose to leave her hometown and join the Empire.

She took her name from the main character of a picture book she had read to Vin.

She became a vassal of Baronh Febdash. She became one of the shift's chief of the household. As Chief of housekeeping, she was the boss of Alusa and Seelnay.

In ICY 952, she was pushed into a revolt in the barony. Originally, she wanted to stay neutral to the situation, but she had to prevent damage and save the household. During the emergency she took responsibility for the right reasons when the dispute in the barony turned for the worse.

In ICY 956, she became a vassal to the Count Hyde through an introduction by Abriel Lafiel.



She appears to be timid. She does not particularly express herself often, but becomes a responsible leader when an emergency arises.



She has a son, named Vin.


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