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Febdash Barony
Location information

Humankind Empire of Abh


Territory of Baron Febdash



population composition:

Abh, Landers

local language:


Planar Space

The Febdash System or Febdash Barony is a system without inhabited worlds, containing a blue giant star, two gas giants, a large asteroid belt, fuel production facilities and a spaceport where its few inhabitants live. It is ruled by the members of the Atosuryua family.


Given that the Atosuryua family is relatively new to the Nobility, their territory matches their status, being remote and lowly populated. However, despite this, the family has managed to make it an impressive fuel production facility.

In ICY 952, it became the site of an incident between the then Baron Febdash Atosuryua Klowal and Princess Abriel Lafiel. Following the death of Klowal, Atosuryua Sruf presumably took over governance of the territory while Atosuryua Loy maintained her position in the Star Forces.


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