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Ses-class Transport Ship

The Darkses is a ship of the Humankind Empire of Abh's Star Forces which participated in the evacuation of Lobnas II in ICY 956.

Combat Characteristics & TechnologyEdit

As a member of the Ses-class, designed for transport of cargo and personnel to and from planetary surfaces, the Darkses featured a limited armament of laser cannon and a weak defensive magnetic shield. Despite this combat deficiency however, the ship excels at water landings, submerged movement, and carrying large numbers of refugees. It is also able to take off either horizontally or vertically.


In ICY 956, the Darkses was assigned to the fleet of the Territorial Ambassador to the Lobnas system, Abriel Lafiel. The Darkses assisted the Ambassador in her mission to evacuate thousands of refugees and prisoners from the planet as it suffered from a destructive rebellion.

Picture GalleryEdit

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