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Battle of Goslauth


Mission on Sufugnoff, Sufugnoff Gateway Battle

Battle of Sufugnoff

The War


Imperial Year 952


Regular space of Planet Sufugnoff


United Mankind Victory, Occupation of Sufugnoff Begins


Humankind Empire Abh

United Mankind


Director of Security on board the post at Sufugnoff

Field Commanders including Lt. Cyte


Security Contingents

Task Force Sufugnoff


All Security Personel including countless civilians


Space Battle

Prior to the arrival of Count Jinto and Princess Lafiel, the station as well as the planet was undergoing a full scale invasion. The United Mankind had beat Jinto and Lafiel to their destination primarily due to the stalling on part of Baron Fedbash. The security forces on board the Imperial Laburec station as well as the Space Elevator could only do so much to prevent the invasion from going through successfully. The United Mankind quickly dispatched all personnel as well as bringing about the utter destruction of both the facility and the elevator, killing numerous civilians in the process. Lafiel and Jinto arrived only to receive the last notice from the station.

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